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Virtual Fish

The WOW Factor!

In marketing, it's the WOW factor that makes you stand out from the crowd.

3D Ray tracing allows the computer to simulate reality ... or an enhanced reality that will capture your client's rapt attention.

This short segment illustrates the use of green screen characters in a 3d environment complete with CGI smoke & fire and a cheering crowd.

You must have the latest version of flash installed to view the video shown below.

The latest version of Flash also patches several severe security holes, so you'll be doing yourself a favor if you download the update from the very safe Adobe web site (the makers of Acrobat).

Click Here to install the latest version of flash from Adobe's site.

Now, imagine a sexy car on center stage surrounded by dancing fairies with wings, using the motion capture techniques of Avatar.

The announcer's voice-over says "Feel the excitement of the new 2011 models!!!"

And ... as the car appears ... the crowd goes wild!!

These 3D techniques can cut through the plethora of mindless, boring commercials on television, the ads no one really hears.

This was shot entirely in 1920x1080 (BluRay resolution), the standard for HDTV TV ads (although compression destroys much of the detail and realism at this display size).

You can view a much higher resolution video by clicking here. [*** Note, after opening the new window and clicking to start the video, you will then see a black screen with a spinning progress bar in the middle for several minutes until the 92MB video loads. An icon on the popup playback controller will allow you display the video 'full screen' so that it fit's on your monitor.]

Call us today, and let us come up with a concept your audience won't tune out, so that your advertising dollars are not wasted!