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As a company grows, many times the result is a large number of Windows9x boxes with shared directories - each computer connecting to the Internet through its own modem.

Besides being very inefficient, this can cause many security problems - with the danger coming from without and from within.

Let us replace your haphazard network with a modern server-based network.

We can replace multiple slow modems with a single DSL connection providing 40 times the speed - and a firewall to keep the bad guys out. We can also protect your staff from wasting time on non-authorized web sites such as pornography - or eating up bandwidth by downloading MP3 files.

Email Servers

Today, email services provided by an ISP are a commodity. It works just fine most of the time. But when it fails, this can be catastrophic for a company that depends on email communication.

If you miss emails, you miss business!

Rather than depend on your ISP for email, we can setup your own email server using Microsoft Exchange Server. We provide increased reliability off-site backup email servers located on a completely different Internet backbone. Your emails will not bounce back to the sender, they will be stored until your connections are restored.

In addition to the increased reliability and security that comes with running your own mail server, Exchange offers an amazing array of features when used in conjunction with Outlook.

You can automate the flow of paper forms throughout your office in an intelligent fashion. The form knows if it needs to be routed to two managers because it is over $300 - and takes on a life of its own until every aspect of handling the form has been completed. Amazing!

DNS Servers

When your customers want to find you on the Internet, they talk to a DNS server which tells them where your web server ( can be found - and where your mail server can be found.

There are several points of failure with an ISP hosted DNS Server.

  • Your ISP typically provides a backup DNS Server, but it is on the same Internet backbone. If the ISP is down, then the backup DNS Server is also down - and no one can find you - or your mail server. Your mail bounces.
  • Your ISP makes a small change in a large configuration file - accidentally erasing or changing important information about how to locate you on the Web. These errors propagate out onto the Web and take days to fix. No one can find you - and your mail bounces - for days.

We believe in minimizing the points of failure. We supply backup DNS Servers located on different Internet backbones - and allow you to run your own primary DNS Server isolated from a tired technician's careless mistakes.

Internet Servers

You cannot take full advantage of the Internet with a web site hosted by an ISP. The ISP does not have access to your real-time data.

Only by running your own web server in-house can you fully use power of the Internet.

We use Microsoft tools to extend the full capabilities of dynamic webs to your business.

RAID Servers

Storing important documents on a single network server using RAID (redundant array of independent disks) has many benefits. If any single hard drive within the array crashes, the array keeps functioning with no loss of data.

When data are stored in a central location, it is easier to enforce a regular backup schedule, storing archival backups in a safe place for disaster recovery.

It is also easier to protect data in a central location, through the use of well thought out security procedures - than to have the data dispersed on unprotected machines.

Windows 2008/XP/Vista

Windows9x computers really have no security at all. Anyone can bypass the login and get to the data on the computer.

Windows XP or Vista, combined with a Windows 2008 server, can provide a greater level of security. No unauthorized user can get to valuable data stored centrally on the server.

In addition to increased security, essential in this post-911 world, XP or Vista provides increased reliability and functionality.

We are always surprised by how customers come to expect computers to crash on a regular daily basis. A properly setup Windows 2008, XP or Vista computer should never crash.