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Headphone Girl

It's an MTV Generation!

Today's generation, raised on MTV, gets its entertainment and news through slickly produced videos.

Stand Out From Your Competition!

To stand out from your competition, it is essential to present your message using the medium your customer is most comfortable with.

The high-bandwidth consumer is very likely to change channels while web surfing, until he finds one that displays data in a manner that is fun and interesting.

Static web pages are heading in the same direction as newspapers. Video is the most user-friendly way to sell your message.

Video combined with Music can be a Powerful influencer!

This video combines warm images with poignant music to produce an immediate warm-fuzzy feeling for this company.

The 3D motion graphics with moving lights and shadows used for the logo convey an impression of warmth and quality on a subliminal level that the user will not consciously notice.

You must have the latest version of flash installed to view the video shown below.

The latest version of Flash also patches several severe security holes, so you'll be doing yourself a favor if you download the update from the very safe Adobe web site (the makers of Acrobat).

Click Here to install the latest version of flash from Adobe's site.

High Definition Video for Trade Shows and HDTV

We shoot at 1920 x 1080 24p using the 4:2:2 color space at over 1 gigabytes per minute.

This tech jargon translates as: We shoot at the same high definition resolution used by Blu-Ray HDTV.

Your video will look just as great on an HDTV as on the web - and can be repurposed for trade shows and HDTV flat panels in your reception area.

And - as we shoot almost everything on 'green screen', we can place any image or video in the background.

Enhanced Photography

Marketing is all about presentation. Using advanced photographic editing tools, we can turn beautiful ... into the extraordinary:


Hit Music

With the kind assistance of D. Roeder, formerly of the Record Plant (Hotel California), we can create music that sounds like a hit record.

This version of Tori Amos' Cornflake Girl was recorded in our studio and mixed by David.

Click here to download, or click on the triangle below to play:

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Original Music

We can also compose original music. This haunting vocal with a simple melody was composed and recorded in our studio.

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